Keratin aftercare is the make or break of whether or not your treatment will last. With proper aftercare, our treatments can last 4-6 months, and we’ve seen clients’ results last even longer! Think of it this way: you get what you give. If you take the proper steps to maintain your keratin, of course it will last longer. If you don’t, then, unfortunately, the treatment won’t last as long and you won’t be getting your money’s worth. Wouldn’t want that, would we?

We’ve outlined what you need to know about maintaining your treatment for as long as possible. Follow these steps and we guarantee longer lasting results:

Use a sulfate/sodium-free shampoo & conditioner

Sulfates strip the hair of natural oils and eat away at the treatment very quickly. Avoid these at all costs! Many drugstore shampoos contain sulfates, so beware and read ingredient lists and even then, sometimes sulfates are masked under other names (so you can’t be sure). 

Our Keratinworks Post-Keratin Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner are an essential component in the Keratinworks Treatment Process. This kit is designed such that it contains some of the same elements that are in our Keratin treatment and each time you use this shampoo and conditioner, the Keratin treatment is reinforced by the heat activation of your blow dryer.

Respect the recommended time before washing your hair 

Your hairstylist knows best! We’ve trained our Keratinworks Professionals to know how long the treatment should be left in for, based on the technique used. By washing the treatment out too early, or leaving in the treatment much longer than recommended, you’re jeopardizing getting the best possible results.

Use a hair mask at least once a month

Using a hair mask at least once a month will really lock in that moisture and keep your hair healthy and hydrated. We recommend using the Keratinworks Hydration Mask, which is rich in vitamins E, F and conditioning agents 

Why do we always recommend using our line of aftercare products?

The reason we always recommend our aftercare line is we have created a luxury kit that is sulfate & paraben-free in a 500ml format so that you can maintain your Keratin treatment as long as possible with the ultimate ingredients! Shop our aftercare line here