Ever heard of hair superstitions from your friends and family that sounded a bit unreal and wondered whether they’re true? Don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most popular hair myths debunked.

Stress causes hair loss.
Fact. Too much stress can cause hair loss as the hair follicles are meant to go into cycles of rest, however by undergoing too much stress this cycle occurs earlier causing the hair to fall out. Make sure to seek medical advice for extreme hair loss as there can be an underlying cause other than stress.

Cutting your hair makes it grow thicker.
Fiction. Hair does not grow back thicker or stronger once it is cut. However cutting hair does allow for you to get rid of split ends which keeps hair healthy and in one piece.

Stress can be responsible for the acceleration of gray hair.
Fact. In summary, when you undergo too much stress, the stress hormone damages the melanin strand which is responsible for your hair colour and this may cause the increase of gray hairs.