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This is the new generation of smoothing systems which uses advanced technology to infuse keratin into the hair in the safest possible way. No harsh chemicals, just silkier, smoother, straighter, healthier hair.
Anyone who wants beautiful hair (shiny, silky, healthy, and manageable)! This system allows the hairstylist to adjust the process in order to get the desired results. For example, someone who wants to keep their curl but just get rid of the frizz would require a different process than someone who wants to get rid of the curl. There are even clients who have relatively straight hair, who want to just have frizzless great hair, there is a process for them as well.
Yes!! This product line adheres to Health Canada’s restrictions. And yes, it is non toxic completely formaldehyde-free!
Absolutely not! It will do quite the opposite as it is a treatment that will change the texture of your hair to softer, silkier, shinier and much healthier than before.