Your friend just got a keratin smoothing treatment, and her hair is pin straight even after showering. So, at that moment, you decide you want to get a keratin treatment done as well, thinking that you’ll get the same results.

On the day of the appointment, you show your hairstylist the picture of your friend’s hair and say: This is exactly what I want! Your hairstylist looks at your hair and tells you that although your friend’s hair became pin straight after the treatment, she can’t promise the same results. 

You wonder: Why is it that the same treatment yields different results?

The bottom line is that a keratin smoothing treatment is not a chemical straightener/relaxer. It does not break the structure of the hair as a relaxer does. It weakens the bonds enough to attach new keratin protein molecules to the hair, which is what smooths it out. It is a relatively more natural and healthier process compared to chemical straighteners.

The amount of straightening that occurs in a smoothing treatment is dependent on so many factors. No two people have the exact same hair type, exact same lifestyle, and the same results. Your friend may have had fairly straight hair to begin with, and just needed to reduce the frizz and revive the hair to get to its current sleek state. If your hair is very curly to begin with, then the treatment can reduce frizz, renew shine, and make your hair more manageable, without necessarily making it pin straight. 

This is why we’ve trained our hairstylists to conduct proper client consultations. Here, they ask you questions about your lifestyle and hair type, and from these questions, they can figure out exactly what you want as a result, and what’s achievable for your hair type. Our Keratinworks Pros work MAGIC, but they are trained to always be transparent with what’s achievable, and not make any false promises.

At the end of the day, everyone’s hair is different, and that’s what makes us all unique! While we can promise smoother, shinier hair, the level of straightness will depend on your hair type and the technique used.