Often our hair looks dull or very damaged (ends are fried, hair is dry, overprocessed, very frizzy, etc.) and no matter what we do, it doesn’t seem to improve the state of our locks. You’d like to get a boost of shine, remove the frizz, but without eliminating the natural movement of your hair. The reality is that anyone (except for a few very lucky ones), can use to improve the health of their hair!

There are many products out on the market that treat the hair after each wash (masks, serums, shampoos, leave-ins, etc.) but nothing that really works to give the hair a real long term boost of life. Why not give your hair a massive refresh? It is, as we always say, all about the hair!

So, after extensive research and working with our wonderful chemist, we, at Keratinworks, decided to formulate a product that would produce a WoW effect on just about any hair type.

The goal was to create a formula that would nourish, replenish, deeply restore, defrizz, and minimize the blow dry time in the most optimal combination of natural ingredients, all without affecting the movement of the hair.