Terms of use


The Keratinworks Smoothing System is a Professional Use Only product which should be applied only by a licensed professional hairstylist. Furthermore, this means that the professional hairstylist has the neccessary education and experience in order to apply their professional knowledge and judgement when executing this process.

Upon the purchase of the Keratinworks smoothing system, you will have access to the PRO EDUCATION page, which contains the instructional package.

This instructional package provides a detailed approach on how to perform the consultation with a client, choosing the technique for the desired results and all pertinent details on how to execute this process. Below is a link to a video on how to do the SUPERSMOOTH treatment to complement this instructional package. All of this material is required to be studied prior to executing the process on a client. After studying and understanding this material, you’re encouraged to ask your Keratinworks representative or technician any questions you may have BEFORE doing the process as this is part of the educational support provided. The Keratinworks team is available to answer all your questions in order to feel confident and comfortable to execute the process on a client/model. It is the Professional hairstylist’s responsibility to assess their client’s hair, in order to choose the technique as well as whether or not to apply the process (in the case of very damaged, broken hair).

It is the hairstylist’s responsibility to educate themselves about this process. It is also the hairstylist’s responsibility to use his or her better judgment to evaluate their client’s hair, and choose the appropriate technique for the treatment if any treatment at all (in the case of severely damaged hair).

The Keratinworks team at Core2soul Inc. is free of all responsibility of any damage caused to your client’s hair as a result of this process. It is understood that results can vary for different clients’ hair and that you will prepare the client to have realistic expectations (i.e., this is not a chemical straightener) and that they are aware that their hair colour may lighten up to 2 tones.