We believe that Keratinworks has grown into this wonderful family of great salons and hairstylists because the Keratinworks team really values the personal touch. We love! love! love!  to see and repost your before and after pics on social media. It’s fun, satisfying, and always tells a great story.  So we thought for all you Keratinworks oldies and newbies, it would be interesting to tell you the story of how the founder of Keratinworks, Corinne Ohayon, came to make this amazing line of products.

About Corinne

Corinne was born in Morocco many years ago (she’s not telling when). Her parents decided eight months later to immigrate to Canada and they have lived in Montreal ever since. So Corinne is a true Canadian with her sprinkle of Moroccan culture and traditions. With these Moroccan roots, she also inherited her thick, luscious, wild and frizzy dark hair. It’s the kind of hair that once it’s blow-dried (for an hour), it looks like it’s right out of a magazine. But when left “au naturel”,  it can be quite scary and freaky! And Corinne is a single mom of 4 so WHO HAS TIME? So a solution had to exist….