If I had a dollar every time someone asked me – will this keratin treatment help grow and thicken my hair – I would have thousands of extra dollars in my pocket. In fact, if there was truly a product that you can just apply in your hair that would make it grow and thicken it just like that, it would be the biggest product on the market. But unfortunately, the reality is that nature is much stronger than us!

However, doing a keratin treatment can definitely help reduce hair loss as well as repair the hair! As far as the repair goes, Keratinworks was first designed as a deep treatment system and the straightening of the curl is a side effect of what we do with it.  The first few steps in the process – clarifying the hair, applying the treatment, and leaving the hair under heat – is actually the deep treatment part of the process. In reality, we can just do this part as this is where the keratin as well as nutrients are infused into the shaft of the hair. But in order to really seal it and have it stay in the hair longer, the flat iron is used to “bake” it in. Which is often why we recommend doing at least a BOTOX (where the flat iron is passed 2-3 times).